Clean Plants

The Clean Plants program is currently accredited by the Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI) and is becoming accepted by nursery growers across Canada.

As the name suggests, it is the objective of Clean Plants to produce plants that are completely free of all regulated pests and substantially free from all other insects and diseases.

Regulated pests and plant diseases have been discovered in various parts of North America. An example is the plant disease “Sudden Oak Death“ or as it is more commonly called “P. ramorum“. This disease has been found in parts of California and Oregon. Some diseased plants have also been found in garden centers and nurseries in B.C.

P. ramorum is a fungal disease spread by the movement of spores in water, soil, plant parts or organic material. However, the greatest risk of spreading the disease is by the transport of infected nursery stock. The disease affects a wide variety of plants called ‘Host Plants’. The disease kills some host plants. Other plants may only exhibit lesser symptoms such as leaf spotting or die back.

Foxglove Nurseries takes the threat of P. ramorum, and other regulated pests very seriously as they have the potential to close down or seriously affect the viability of any nursery where they are found. The Clean Plants program utilizes a systems approach to prevent the spread or introduction of P.ramorum and other diseases.

Foxglove Nurseries has put in place systems to prevent regulated diseases and pests from ever entering our nursery. We now track every plant that enters our nursery until it leaves. Each incoming and outgoing plant is inspected for signs of the disease. Special attention is paid to cleanliness and disease control in our nursery stock. Host plants coming into our nursery are only purchased from certified Clean Plant nurseries. Our systems are working and we have never had a regulated pest or disease found in our nursery. Outside auditors come into our nursery on a regular basis to inspect and test plants and to review our systems. These programs have resulted in Foxglove Nurseries receiving our Clean Plants CNCI Nursery Certification.

To prevent accidental contamination of our nursery, Foxglove has implemented some bio-security protocols for visitors. When you come to see us, please stop by our office first and sign our visitors log book. Because diseases can be soil borne, we can no longer allow outside vehicles beyond the parking lot. If you would like to tour the nursery, just call ahead and we’ll have a nursery vehicle available for your visit.